Wanted! Professional Coaches (CPC) for Beta Test Program

ProCoach_Beta3-200x300 Wanted!  Professional Coaches (CPC) for Beta Test ProgramYou Are Invited to Participate
in a Beta Test Group!!!

Presented by ProCoach Business Academy

Is it time to turn your brilliance into a money-making plan and leave the stressful task of running your business on a whim behind you forever?

This brand-new program will help you plan your entire year, get clarity on when you’ll launch your programs, deliver high-value content that builds relationships, and earn the money you deserve because this isn’t just any plan – it’s the most profitable planning system around.

JUMPSTART Your 2018 Annual REVENUE Goals + Plan and Go Live with your 2017 Q4 Promotion with your bodacious “12 Month Marketing Maven Calendar” 

Strategically Plan Your Programs, Content, and Promotions for the Entire Year!  Learn to Implement a One-N-Done, Rinse-N-Repeat marketing strategy that gets you out of ‘client feast or famine syndrome’ and into a group of dynamic ProCoaches Fired-up and Ready to produce some serious revenue all while having more fun, learning & launching together!

The single greatest thing you can do to ensure your success is to participate in some form of coaching.”  (Jack Canfield)

Beta Testing:  CEO Training
Course Name:
 CEO VIP WORKSHOP 01:  “12 Month Marketing Maven Calendar” so you stop worrying about where your next client is coming from and get to the business of coaching clients and transforming lives and finally enjoy a rewarding and profitable business!

Get executive training on a One and Done, Rinse-N-Repeat marketing strategy that gets you out of overwhelm and into clarity–

Out of Isolation and into a group of dynamic ProCoaches Fired-up and Ready to Inspire and Be Inspired, all Learning & Launching Together!

Introducing Your BODACIOUS 2018

“12 Month Marketing Maven Calendar”

A fun way to JUMPSTART Your 2018 Annual REVENUE Goals
Plan and Go Live with your 2017 Q4 Promotion!

Go Here for PROGRAM DETAILS of Your Bodacious “12 Month Marketing Maven Calendar!”

You are a Great Fit to Participate in this Beta Test Virtual VIP Group Workshop if you are: 

  • Newly Certified Professional Coaches (serving all niches)
  • Coaches in Niche Transition 
  • Coaches who want a 6-Figure ANNUAL Rinse-n-Repeat Marketing Model 

Get training on proven strategies, specific to coaching industry, which helps you build the “Know/Like/Trust Factor” naturally, faster and easier than any other method!

Coaching Industry 7 figure earners and leaders have this figured out! (and soon you will, too!) 
Listen to what they are saying about the client attraction strategy you’ll learn!

Kendall Summerhawk:  “I’m getting emotional.  It’s like finding a great love and I’m so grateful I discover it!”

Bill Baren:  “It’s the fastest, easiest, most leveraged way to get clients….I feel like I’ve found my pot of gold!

So you might be thinking, “Why would a rising coach like myself be thrilled to participate in this test group?”  That’s a great question, coach!   

Over the years, my work as a coach training instructor at World Coach Institute has instilled in me a desire to nurture my students with as many business building ideas as possible.  I do this so that they “hit the ground running’ with juicy marketing strategies to fill their programs faster and easier!   

My passion to support new and rising coaches caused me to notice a ‘hole in the market.’ Meaning, coaches have many options to get coaching certifications, but it’s lean pickings when it comes to learning how to OPERATE, Market and PROMOTE a successful coaching practice from an institution where all the training resources are located “all under one roof.”

Clearly, there are many experts teaching strategies on ‘how to get clients’ but few training opportunities on executive training and best practices specific to the coaching industry.  That ‘hole in the market’ is sucking the life out of many brilliant certified professional coaches, causing burnout and some to even abandon their life’s goal of transformational coaching!      

Up until now, life coaches had to ‘piecemeal together’ all the different elements that it takes to create, design, develop services and programs, project management, write copy, hook up autoresponders, test, market, promote, launch and deliver their coaching services.  Yes, that is a very long list (and you know, there’s so much more…) which is the very reason less than 6% of coaches will ever see 6 figures.  Well, that’s all about to change!  

I have created a company to support rising coaches just out of niche certification and/or coaches wanting more business clarity and proven business operating systems so they are wildly successful and meet year end revenue goals.    

After earning your CPC and Niche Certification, ProCoach Academy is the next step in your coaching journey.  Setting up Shop. 

We’ll help you every step of the way.  And notch-up your productivity and accountability to develop, test and encourage you to be brave and launch your coaching practice!!!  It’s exhilarating! And even more satisfying when overcoming obstacles together and sharing successes within a group. 

ProCoach Business Academy is a completely new training approach to position rising coaches for 6 figure success all while having more fun together!    

You have in your hands a completely new executive training system that will position you, the certified professional coach with a step-by-step, 120 day program to Develop, Test, Learn & Launch Together!

The single greatest thing you can do to ensure your success
is to participate in some form of coaching.”

(Jack Canfield)

Best Client Attraction Strategies:  Get training on proven strategies, specific to coaching industry, which builds the “Know/Like/Trust Factor” so you get coaching clients faster and easier all while having way more fun!  

SEE FULL DETAILS OF “12 Month Marketing Maven Calendar!”

Continue reading for Beta Test Participants details!


Here’s What Beta Test Participants Get!


  • 4 Week Training Classes
  • 8 Executive Training Classes Meeting 2x’s Each Week     
  • 2 –> 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Strategy Sessions with Coach Dee!
    • Session #1:  Verify Spiritual Alignment with Niche & TM, Big Picture Goals, Powerful Outcome
    • Session #2:  Schedule your session at your convenience to discuss a topic of your choice
  • Below is a brief summary of the program curriculum you’ll learn in your bodacious “12 Month Marketing Maven Calendar!”  See full details here 

With each of the 4 training modules you’ll get a ‘done for you’ complete Action Plan so you have a step by step way to implement your new learning

+ Each module will have a ‘Quick Checklist’ to Keep You Clear, Streamlined and Focused on Your Next Steps!

Module 1: Work Smarter, Not Harder:  If you’ve been spinning your business wheels for a long time, you may be starting to feel desperate for a change. Something, as they say, has got to give!  The good news is, this module will help you end those long days of working harder than you should, and instead help you start working smarter to fuel your business. What you need is that last, focused push to get you there, which is what we will work on first.

Module 2: Plan Your Programs:  It’s one thing to have a wonderful idea, but it’s a different ball game when it comes to putting your ideas into a program, and then offering it to the world.

Module 3: Designing Your Programs: Like a styling pair of shoes, we’ll cover the core basics of how to identify your design techniques with your audience for a hot-selling program offer.

Module 4: Planning Your Promotions:  Create a top-notch promotion plan and set your marketing in motion to get you sales. It’s time to lay out your promotions and marketing efforts, quickly and effectively. Module 4 covers everything you need to know about planning your promotions wisely, including… see full programs details here

Now that you have your BODACIOUS 12 Month Marketing Calendar (Machine) Created,

You Might Be Thinking Now What?  

We do not leave you hanging wondering
HOW the Heck Do I Implement My Marketing Plan?
After all, there’s still so much to do!!!

NO WORRIES!  This is Where ProCoach Academy Excels
So That You Succeed! 

Here’s Our Special Commitment to YOU!

BUT FIRST…. a shout out from my very first business coaching client!    

“I Am No Longer Stuck!”
“Before I came into a session with Coach Dee, I was completely stuck.
I knew I had a passion – BUT – I had no idea how I was going to label
myself and start retaining new clients. After 20 minutes, Coach Dee
coached me into creating my label. She then helped me
understand what essential marketing tools I would use,
relieving my fear as a new coach. I walked away with the
knowledge, momentum and confidence which was necessary
to move forward – I was no longer stuck!” (Coach Nicole)

When asked her favorite part of our session she replied, “The fact that you allowed me to keep my power!”
That’s the greatest compliment a coach can receive.  Thank you Coach Nicole for being so coachable!!!    

Back to Our Special Commitment to YOU!

  • We continue to work with you side by side and help you IMPLEMENT your ‘fresh off the press’ 12 month marketing action plan!
  • We get you out of isolation and into a group of like-minded ProCoaches so you have way more fun running your business.
  • We Act as Your Admin Team Support:  We help you test your systems & programs!  This might be one of the single most overlooked aspect of business set up.  Your confident will boom once you have practiced your webinar with colleagues for great feedback and areas of improvement!
  • 3 Way Support System:  2 Private Coaching Sessions with Coach Dee + Biz Buddy Program + Community of Like-Minded colleagues going through the same training, testing and launching together… You simply cannot fail with this kind of support system!!!
  • Accountability Coach Dee + Biz Buddy Program
  • Increase Your Productivity:  Finish Tasks with our Done w/You Workshop learning format for optimal support and celebration center!
  • Keep Up Your Momentum!  Getting out of isolation and into community to inspire and be inspired keeps up your all important momentum
  • Mindset for Success:  *Study Psycho Cybernetics – AND other Timeless Works
  • PRACTICE:  Practice your elevator speech. Practice presenting your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. Practice taking low-level risks to build up your confidence as you go!  practice being a leader in our community so you confidently ‘hit the ground running’ in the marketplace.

AND THERE’S MORE TO COME in 2018-19!  Beta Test Participants get 1st dibs on FUTURE Testing OPPORTUNITIES!
***See list below –Phase 2 ***


Here’s The COMMITMENT We Need From YOU in Return

  • YOU Commitment to Do the Work
    WE WANT YOU TO WILDLY SUCCEED!!!  That’s the whole point of ProCoach Academy.  So, to get the most out of our time together, you promise to be proactively involved in all aspects of the program, as if you were a fully paying student.
  • Meeting attendance requirements is 90% attendance, with notice of absences when possible.
  • Meet with your accountability ‘Biz Buddy’ 1 time each week for 60 minutes. *An agenda will be provided so that you both can get rockstar accountability and support!
  • Give your honest feedback with both things we’ve done well and area’s of improvement so that we may tweak our program and or delivery to better meet the needs of our students.
  • Testimonial:  If you are pleased with the training you received, we ask that you provide us with a written testimonial of your experience however; we will respect your privilege to withhold your name, and we will note your testimonial as “anonymous student” if you prefer.
  • 3 *Qualified Referrals:  Provide us with contact information of 3 coaches, just like you, who you think would make a great fit for our programs.  *For your convenience, we will provide you with a prepared email for you to make adjusts as needed to send your associates.

Program Fees:  We also ask that you to invest in yourself with a small tuition fee of $497 for the 4 week course + 8 training classes + 90 days continuing support in ProCoach Academy Marketing Club.   After beta, full program fees are rolling out at $2,497 so this small fee of $497 represents 1/4th of the regular tuition, a fantastic DEAL for rising coaches!  

FAQ:  Why do we charge a small fee for a Beta Test?  
A Small Tuition Fee Serves Several Purposes:

#1:  Opportunity for you to INVEST in YOURSELF so you know what it FEELS like
to make the MONEY investment that you will be asking your clients to make.

#2:  For our admin team to gauge results of test with students paying tuition
*People just do not show up for free programs like they do programs that they pay for.   

#3:  Help us with administrative cost of this trial.  

#4:  So that you get to know the strategy from a buyer’s perspective because
we will train you on this same marketing strategy, aka “Paid Proposal” when you launch!


Coming in 2018-19 VIP Group WORKSHOPS and ProCoach Programs 

Our Fabulous Beta Test Participants will get first dibs on FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES when we roll out Phase 2 of ProCoach Business Academy.  Slated for release in 2018, get executive training on the following:  

  • Design your 1:1 Private Coaching Practice
  • Design Your 6 Figure Product Suite
  • Promotion:  Launch Your Programs Like a PRO!
  • Membership Site:  Design your Low Maintenance Monthly Club
  • Workshop:  How to Set-up and Run a Group Coaching Program
  • Group Coaching Program:  Inner Circle Executive Round Table
  • Virtual Live VIP Day:
    Participate in test trials of VIRTUAL PRIVATE VIP Day with Coach Dee!
    3 ½ hours training courses –
  • Grow With Us Opportunity:  As we grow, we’ll need instructors.
    Apply to become an instructor at ProCoach Academy


For those of you ambitious rising coaches who know a good thing when you see it, and are ready to jump on this fabulous opportunity, here’s the procedure.  There are 4 steps you need to complete to be considered for this comprehensive executive training program.

STEP ONE:  View Client Agreement Here *This is a copy of the exact contract you be required to sign with Procoach Business Academy.

STEP TWO:  Fill out the short questionnaire below.  *Remember to press submit!

STEP THREE:  https://bizcoachdee.acuityscheduling.com/ and schedule a 20 minute “Request Talk Time” with Coach Dee

STEP FOUR:  Meet with me at your appointed time to discuss ways you are a great fit for this program!

STEP FIVE:  Registration and new client onboarding via email instructions.

*Please note:  There are only 12 seats available and will be filled on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Step TWO:  Please complete the form below & press submit!