Business Solutions to 10X Your Coaching Practice!

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Business Solutions for Solopreneurs in the Life Coaching Industry–


A Phenom Place for Newly Certified Life Coaches

& CPC’s Serving All Niches

Our mission is to help rising coaches ‘Think like a CEO, ACT like a professional and FEEL like a winner…
all the way to the bank and back! 

Now it’s Easy to 10X Your Coaching Practice for
More Confidence, Clients and Profits!

Experience the power of leverage that our ‘under one roof’ executive business training has to strategically 10X your coaching practice!  Now combine that training with coaching and mentoring means that you get the business knowledge with implementation support and peer-to-peer influence and accountability all in one place.  That means you don’t have to go searching everywhere on the WWW to find the help you need to grow your coaching practice!

That means you DON’T have to piece together business solutions— in chronological order– to get your practice established.

It also means that you can stop running after endless ‘Get More Clients Shiny Objects’ that devour your time and drain your energy only to leave you more overwhelmed than before.


Platinum Private Coaching:  The coaching relationship is just you and your coach.  This format is great for those who want individual attention or those dealing with more sensitive issues.  Go Here to Schedule a Complimentary “10x Me Pro Discovery Session”

How to Enroll:  Click Here to Book a Complimentary  “10X Me Discovery Session!” with Coach Dee


Group Coaching:  Coming Soon in 2018!  This program is great for those who want to interact with like-minded peers, get involved in community challenges and who want to have more fun while achieving more!

Group Coaching VIP Workshop Training classes open quarterly and run for 90 days.