ProCoach Business Academy is a safe landing place for Rising Life Coaches to Learn & Launch Together!
This campus is ONLY for coaches who want to develop their business and have a heck of a lot of fun with colleagues who Get You!  People whose eyes DON’T glaze over when you start rampaging Law of Attraction spirit junkie, juicy manifestation cool cosmic consciousness.  For coaches who embrace the opportunity to inspire and be inspired.  To challenge and be challenged.  And DO SHOW UP if you want a safe place to take risks.  That’s easier for some than others.  Leap at leadership opportunities.  Learn to lead.  Serve and be served in a group professionals all dedicated to the success of each individual and the group as a whole.  BTW- it’s a requirement that members want to make a boat load of money and be recognized for each milestone of your business development!  Your ProCoach business associates will be like extended family by the end of your course.  
Don’t you think it’s time you rock your business to 6 figures and beyond?  

YAY!  I thought so! I knew you couldn’t resist a challenge:)

Currently enrolled ProCoach Challengers get first opportunity to renew their membership and retain their seat after which enrollment is opened to other wonderful coaches. We only work with highly committed coaches.  So, before we invest time and energy into working with you, we want to know that you are committed to getting stuff done!  Applicants will receive a series of onboarding materials and expected to submit back within stated time frame.  Failure to do so in a timely manner indicates a low level of commitment and your application will be not be approved.  Please use the contact form below to request time with Dee.  *CPC & CLC serving all niches.

ProCoaches  Club  ProCoach
Master Mind
Private Platinum 
VIP Session
Free Community Coaching Group and Challengers Club  Group Coaching Premium 1:1 Service Coaching 1/2 Day Live Virtual Private VIP Session
Speed Networking w/peers, Opportunity for Collaboration, Fun Forum Qtly Goals Check up Workshop

New Year’s Annual Goals ‘Anchor’s Away! Webinar”  + Check up 3 X’s per year

 10 members only *private (closed group) meets 2 X’s Mthly— Personal & Group Accountability– Mastermind with Peers! 1:1 Business Coaching
Schedule your laser session, Get a Recording of Session, Complete Your Homework, Schedule Your Next Session
Spiritual Alignment with Niche, & Target Audience, Business Goals Overview, Personal Assessment,

Money Clearing

 Resources Library — access to
Evergreen Webinars, Handouts, Checklists & a slew of other resources