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Use your 90 minute sessions any way you want!  One week you might want help developing a marketing campaign.  The next week you might choose to split up  your time such as have a coaching session to work through a difficult work-life balance challenge and then use the rest of your time  practicing a skill like presenting your “Irresistible Offer”sales conversation or get help testing your webinar presentation.

ProCoach Private Platinum Coaching 
Private 1:1 Coaching with just you and your coach.
Biz Development Solutions:  Choose 3 Business Solutions to work through with your coach or Solo-preneur-it!
Meeting Frequency:  Weekly
No. Coaching Sessions: 12
Session Duration:  90 min each session

ProCoach-10XMe-Pro-Image2 Services

Are You a Professional Coach Who is Ready to 10X Your Coaching Practice for More Confidence, Clients and Profits?

FABULOUS! This Complimentary Discovery Session is For YOU!

Get Business Clarity. Increased Focus. Identify Critical Next Steps.   

ProCoach Private Diamond Coaching 
Biz Development Solutions: Choose 2 Biz Solutions
No. Coaching Sessions:  7 
Meeting Frequency:  Bi- weekly,
Session Duration:  60 min each session

ProCoach Private Silver Coaching
3 Live 90 Minute Coaching Sessions with 12 Weeks Email Support
*Get the maximum 1:1 coaching support at an affordable rate!

Biz Development Solutions: Choose 1 Biz Solutions

No. Coaching Sessions:  3

Meeting Frequency:  Once per month or every 21 days

Session Duration:  90 min each session

ABOUT ProCoach Business Solutions: 
To structure your business the right way, right from the start you need proven executive training courses to develop your practice.  We’ve got’em & now you do, too!  You get to choose topnotch step-by-step business solutions that will walk you through each stage of business development. *See your package for number of module(s) per each solution.