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ProCoach Academy is designed to help rising coaches and coaches in niche transition develop their business the right way, right from the start!  Our ‘under one roof’ business development with coaching and mentoring means that you get the business knowledge plus done with you training, work-shop implementation support and peer-to-peer influence and accountability all in one place.

That means you can stop searching all over the place for solutions that you end of having to piece together in chronological order to get your practice established.  It also means that you can stop running after endless ‘Get More Clients Shiny Objects’ that devour your time and drains your energy only to leave you more overwhelmed than before.

We love to work with coaches who are raising to the call to work in a new niche. We provide essential executive training and business solutions for life coaches who want to get out of overwhelm & into clarity, confidence & clients.  Our speciality is helping coaches develop the administrative side of your businesses.  It sounds boring, but we promise you’ll have a heck of a lot of fun while doing so with us!


Platinum Private Coaching:  The coaching relationship is just you and your coach.  This format is great for those who want individual attention or those dealing with more sensitive issues.
Enrollment Opportunities:  Always open *as long as seats are available
How to Enroll:  Schedule a complimentary Needs Discovery Session to find out if ProCoach Academy and 1:1 coaching is a good fit for you.
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Group Coaching:  This program is great for those who want to interact with like-minded peers!  Get involved in community challenges to have more fun while achieving more!
Enrollment Opportunities:  Group Coaching opens quarterly (4 times per year) and runs for 90 days
How to Enroll:   Get our regular email updates for open enrollment dates