Elements of Time Pressure Overwhelm and the #1 Way to Set Yourself Free!

Big Dream Zinger=  Time Pressure Overwhelm and the #1 Way to Set Yourself Free! Big Dreams require a lot of little action steps.  As we pad down the path of success, we can get overwhelmed and even paralyzed with the many different options of how to develop a successful coaching practice.  For entrepreneurs in the start-up phase, we are essentially in training. So much to do and so little time to get it all done!  how TRULY FABULOUS I will feel when I have an Continue reading →

Overwhelm #1 — What is My Next Step?

OpenDesk —   V.A. IS MY NEXT STEP Awareness of finishing website getting the marketing pieces into place, along with enrollment funnel, plus me having half a brain left for the ‘grand finale’ of getting to coach that first session is enough to burnout even the most zealous rising coach. Importance of hiring help early on in biz development ==> My awareness of the TITLE of the person that I needed most= Marketing Project Manager V.A. I had already set up the CEO side Now Continue reading →

A Value that Can Make or Break Coaches!

Not to start out this post by being a doggie downer, but I want to share a sad statistic.   Did you know that only 9% of coaches make it to 6 figures?  I can tell you right now, this shocking 91% does NOT reflect talent, skills or the sheer brilliance of the coaches I have come to know and love. My mission is to change those highly avoidable statistics. But first, why should you read on? As a coach training instructor at World Coach Continue reading →