A PROFOUND Message for the Happy New Year 2018!

“Make no small plans; they have no magic to stir souls” Revisited  Deliberate creation of one’s own life is the quest!  Watching the tangible unfolding of what was once spiritual is magical!  And what better time of year to plan and do things magical than the Christmas season? Who else want’s to have more fun getting new coaching clients and make lots of money in the New Year? Planning is essential to the end goal of getting new clients, having fun and making lots of Continue reading →

A Techie Way to OverCome Stinkin Thinkin!

This morning as I was trying to pull myself out from the funk of an unpleasant night’s UNSLEEP, my morning audio kicked my butt into gear! “The only bondage that exists is that self-inflicted bondage of having habits of thoughts upon things that hurt when you think about them.” For me that was sounding like, “Since I didn’t sleep well so now I’ll have a crappy day,” and so the self-sabotaging begins, or tried too, that is:) Well, you don’t need a Life Coach to tell Continue reading →

How to Price Your Coaching Services with 2017 Professional Coaching Industry Standards

Welcome ProCoach!  I’m blogging today about a subject that is usually foremost on a new coach’s mind.  It might just be the most stressful first big decision rising professional coaches (CPC) need to make out of the gate: “What do I charge for my coaching services? Coming in second, after determining foundational things like niche and target market, the next big question new coaches have is its twin sister, “How do I offer or present my coaching services?” While the answers are multifaceted, they don’t have Continue reading →