Helping Coaches Get OUT of Overwhelm!

ProCoach-Logo-300x63 Helping Coaches Get OUT of Overwhelm!

Who Else Wants to Get Out of New Business Overwhelm
AND Start Having Fun While Establishing
Your 6 Figure Coaching Practice?

ProCoach Business Academy was born from the desire to provide a step-by-step program for certified professional coaches to set up their coaching practice successfully the right way, right from the start.

What Does it Mean to Set Coaches Up for Success the Right Way, Right From the Start?    

The coaching industry is a specialized service that requires a very different business model and unique marketing approach than say a ‘brick and mortar’ business.  Our industry demands ‘heart-based’ or soft marketing strategies that help potential clients get to know us, like us, and trust us.  Only then will our clients feel comfortable enough to trust us with the desires of their hearts.

We want to make sure we streamline our marketing approach to open a dialogue with our ideal client to find out if we are a good coach/client fit.  To do that seamlessly, we invite our potential coachee to meet for a complimentary ‘discovery session.’  This conversation opens avenues of conversation to discover is there is a gap between where the coachee want to go and if our coaching services can bridge that gap.   Here’s what one coachee had to say after a session~

“I Am No Longer Stuck!”
“Before I came into a session with Coach Dee, I was completely stuck.
I knew I had a passion – BUT – I had no idea how I was going to label
myself and start retaining new clients. After 20 minutes, Coach Dee
coached me into creating my label. She then helped me
understand what essential marketing tools I would use,
relieving my fear as a new coach. I walked away with the
knowledge, momentum and confidence which was necessary
to move forward – I was no longer stuck!” (Coach Nicole)

Establishing Your Coaching Practice
The Right Way, Right From the Start!

After coach training certification is completed, some coaches feel overwhelmed of how set up marketing strategies to get coaching clients to fill their schedule.  Like Nicole, some rising coaches are concerned with many things, among them…

  • “Deciding what to offer and how much to charge is blocking me!”
  • “I feel adult [peer] lonely!”
  • “I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants all the time!”

ProCoach Business Academy helps rising coaches who feel overwhelmed get clear on their next steps so they set up their business the right way, right from the start!

Get step-by-step executive training on how to run a coaching practice.
We offer CEO, CMO, CFO and COO administrative training for coaches establish policies and procedures to easily scale their business for growth.

We use industry proven marketing strategies and administrative systems to simplify running a coaching practice.
For example, CEO training course “My 12 Month Marketing Calendar” helps coaches create predictable enrollments to eliminate client attraction worry and anxiety!

One business owner put it this way,  “I need some type of internal change. I read all the books on success. I love the things I learn, but I don’t seem to follow through, or make the things I learn into habits. I need mentorship, & accountability. I fear that if I don’t have someone alongside of me, guiding, helping me, & kicking my butt, I may never change! I have dreams, & things I want to accomplish so bad, but I feel like I’m in my own way!”

We help coaches get SUPER CLEAR on their business vision and goals, install best administrative systems, get a 12 Month Marketing Calendar designed so that they never, ever, ever worry about where the next client is coming from.

  • We Set Coaches Up for SUCCESS the Right Way, Right From the Start! 
    ♦  Make sure the coach is spiritually aligned with her niche and target market 
    *This step is essential for Success!  Get this wrong and your business is doomed for failure!
     Get Out of Isolation and Into Accountability and Action! 
    Get More Done by being involved with a group
    Opt-in to the “Biz Buddy Program” for an accountability partner to get things done!
     Work with a Business Coach for the 10X Effect! 
    Work with a business coach who has been where you are now and that can guide you
    to success faster and easier
    ♦  Learn & Launch Together Workshops! 
    Feel the added support of launching your program with the support of an entire group!