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Welcome Rising Life Coach!
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You Have Just Entered Into a
“Safe Landing Zone and Leveraged Launch Pad for Rising Coaches!” 

We exist to get you out of overwhelm and into clarity so you don’t have to spend years trying to ‘piecemeal’ together your coaching practice with scattered information and inappropriate marketing strategies.

We help you make sense of the avalanche of business knowledge that you have been inhaling recently as you strive to put all the moving pieces of your coaching practice together in one synchronistic flow.  …all at one time so you avoid frustration and burnout.

You are invited to Drop Anchor at ProCoach Academy, so that you have clarity of vision, business development with an intrinsic to you marketing plan so that you know you will attract plenty of clients when the time is right.  

  1. Chart Your Course RIGHT from the beginning= Vision + Goals + Step by Step Plan
    We offer a realistic + simplified step by step business development planning and testing platform
  2. Get training in setting up the admin side = systems + policies, procedures and protocols
  3. Get training on Executive duties of CEO, COO, CFO, CMO so that you easily administrate and scale your coaching practice to 6 figures and beyond
  4. Get Coaching and mentoring to help you implement new learning for success
  5. Get into community with like-minded coaches to inspire and be inspired to success!


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed, Isolated & Unsure How to Develop Your Coaching Business?
You are not alone.  Many Newly Certified Coaches and Coaches in Niche Transition
are searching for the same answers you are looking for.
How to Naturally and Easily Attract Ideal Clients?  

One business owner put it this way,  “I need some type of internal change. I read all the books on success. I love the things I learn, but I don’t seem to follow through, or make the things I learn into habits. I need mentorship, & accountability. I fear that if I don’t have someone alongside of me, guiding, helping me, & kicking my butt, I may never change! I have dreams, & things I want to accomplish so bad, but I feel like I’m in my own way!”  (Anonymous) 

Together we co-create how you would like your business to unfold with strategic planning and goal setting, marketing, promotion and general business internal systems.  From sales funnels to lead generating to sales and enrollment, there is a business solutions designed for our unique coaching industry. 

In the start-up stages of business development many rising coaches have expressed enormous overwhelm and frustration    

  • “Sometimes I don’t know which way is forward,”
  • “I have no idea how to package and set fees for my services!”
  • “I feel like I am all by myself”  
  • “I think the pricing structure is my biggest obstacle.”
  • “Deciding what to offer and how much to charge is blocking me.”
  • “I don’t know where to start”
  • “I feel like a Master Procrastinator”   
  • “I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants all the time!”

Have you ever felt any of these feelings?  Can you relate to these new life coaches?
If So, You Are i n the Best Place Possible to Overcome Obstacles & Launch!  

Here’s Why:  Nicole’s Breakthrough.

Hi!  Coach Dee here~
I loved this business coaching session with Nicole!  
At the onset of our session Nicole was feeling insecure about her next steps and struggled with how to identify herself in the marketplace. She was so tired of always doubting herself, feeling fearful and “adult lonely” as she put it.  When I asked the big coaching question, “What are you most afraid of?” her emotional geyser exploded,

“I am afraid of not being successful, of not having a business plan, of not knowing the coaching industry!”

It was easy for me to engage my coaching presence with Nicole.  I had experienced every one of these extreme emotions.  I knew well the price she was paying.  The inner turmoil of misalignment can be torturous on a coach’s heart.  (I’m not being a drama queen here.  Just speaking from the heart. *See more of my story below)

Newly certified Coach Nicole came to me in session feeling overwhelmed, fearful and stuck.  She walked away riding a ginormous wave of momentum with ‘We Crushed This’ attitude!  After our 20 minute coaching session she confidently wrote,

“Before I came into a session with Coach Dee, I was completely stuck.
I knew I had a passion – BUT – I had no idea how I was going to label
myself and start retaining new clients. After 20 minutes, Coach Dee
coached me into creating my label. Coach Dee then helped me
understand what essential marketing tools I would use,
relieving my fear as a new coach. I walked away with the
knowledge, momentum and confidence which was necessary
to move forward – I was no longer stuck!” (Coach Nicole)

Interesting Enough, I Was a Coach in Niche Transition 
I had just decided to move into another coaching niche, which meant total rebranding of my company.  I was struggling with letting go of my old unprofitable brand.  I had put it off for far to long. It was time to make the change.  I knew I needed a new niche and a whole new target market, but I had no clue what niche or who to serve.  I’m grateful for this session with Nicole which coincided with my needs.  Meaning, before I went totally cray-cray, I used the same clarity model on myself to figure out my rewarding new niche with a target market I absolutely adore!

I emerged triumphantly as a business consultant and coach to new coaches, coaches in niche transition, and coaches who want to grow their businesses.  The clarity coaching model that worked so well for Nicole, worked for me, too!  O.K.  back to Nicole’s breakthrough.

Nicole’s transformation was tangible.  As she and I co-created her business vision, marketing label and wrote realistic goals ‘in granite’, along with an action plan to achieve those goal, her breakthrough was exhilarating!  We both were caught up in the moment as she busted through her barriers and obstacles that had been so paralyzing!  To hear the relief in her voice was any coach’s dream come true!

When closing the session, I asked what her favorite takeaway from the session.  She gratefully said, “The fact that you allowed me to have and keep my power!”

Since then, I created ProCoach Business Academy to help new coaches just like you and Nicole.  Coaches in niche crisis/transition just like me and maybe even you, get training, clarity and Business Solutions to easily solve the TOP 3 CHALLENGES that Coaches Experience~  Overwhelm– Feeling Isolated — Lack of Identity and/or Focus 

ProCoach Business Academy offers you a step-by-step business development solutions all under one roof.  We have a ‘Done With You’ support community so you can establish your business platform on a spiritual foundation.

Our ‘under one roof’ business coaching solution means that you get the knowledge, done with you training, work-shop implementation support, peer-to-peer influence and accountability all in one place.  That means you can stop searching all over the place for solutions and running after endless get more clients ‘shiny objects’ that devour your time and drains your energy only to leave you more overwhelmed than before.