How We Work

Welcome Rising Coach!  You are in the right place if you are looking to develop your coaching practice with all the executive training resources and support you need  located under one roof. You essentially 10X yourself when you leverage the knowledge of experts!  That kind of leverage means you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself! Yay, right?  Now you feel confident that you establish your coaching practice faster and easier right from the start!

The time has come for life coaches and coaches serving in all niches to have a business academy designed specifically for the unique needs of the coaching industry.

ProCoach Business Academy  is your solution to shorten your learning curve as you establish your coaching practice.  Coaches no longer have to “piecemeal” together a coaching practice on Google!  The ProCoach Academy motto is “Learning & Launching Together!”

You’ll love our VIP group workshop campus so that you confidently…

DESIGN, DEVELOP, TEST and LAUNCH your programs in an energetic group setting where everyone is having fun and feeling confident knowing things are getting done the right way, right from the start!  

As CEO of your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed up with all the decisions you need to make!  Here are some of the top things coaches need to set up their business the right way, right from the start.

  • CHOOSE a PASSIONATE NICHE:  Choose a niche that you feel passionately about & have lots of experience and solutions to share
  • CHOOSE a PROFITABLE NICHE:  Make sure  that your niche is profitable.  *A service that people are willing to pay for
    Coaches feel immense satisfaction and confident when truly aligned with their niche i.e. the work they feel inspired to do.
  • CHOOSE a BELOVED TARGET MARKET (TM):  This is an important decision because you will be giving your life’s work to help your ‘ideal client’ achieve her goals.  She is the person you most love to work with and ideally she is just like you.  Coaches who feel a spiritual alignment with their beloved target market are able to connect naturally and get hired naturally!
  • Learn a MARKETING Strategy *INTRINSIC2U that just let’s you be yourself and feels is just like second nature!!! Choose a primary & secondary marketing strategy with easy ways to engage and enjoy connecting with your ideal client

Strategic Planning Sets Coaches Up For SUCCESS Right From The Start!
“You can’t hit a target that you can’t see and
You can’t see a target that you don’t have.”  (Zig Ziglar)

  • DRAFT a COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT:  See clearly with the reverse engineering planning technique  Strategize success by beginning with end in mind.  
    Strategic planning accelerates success!  Establish at least a 10 year company vision, then establish milestones along the way with annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly planning.
    Create a simple 7 page business plan of actionxx
  • CREATE “SOP” (Standard Operating Procedures)
    Prepare for growth as you go by creating a document of policies, procedures and protocols to easily delegate tasks

3 Ways Coaches Position for SUCCESS, Right From the Start:

  1. Find a support group to mingle with like-minded peers
  2. Team up with another coach and become accountability partners
  3. Work with a business coach

Trying to figure out all the components is tough (You don’t know what you don’t know).  Sifting through the sea of ‘shiny objects’ that forever beckon us how to get clients now is downright overwhelming.  Gaining the knowledge and business skills then pushing forward with fortitude, is not for sissies.  Even harder, trying to implement all that new information all alone is usually the deal breaker.

Long story short, some coaches were simply not prepared for the massive undertaking it is to set up and run a thriving coaching practice.  One coach put it this way, “There are so many moving parts I don’t know which one to try to grab hold of first!”

All that confusion, overwhelm and isolation stops now!

ProCoach Business Academy Helps Rising Coaches Get Out of Overwhelm and Into Clarity, Confidence and Clients!  When coaches get SUPER CLEAR on their business goals, get the executive training to know how to run a thriving practice, and organizational skills and management knowledge, great things start to happen!  We provide training, tools and templates to help coaches quickly set up standard operating procedures, install administrative systems, and choose marketing strategies that magnetically attract clients.

Get Out of Isolation and Into Peer Community

It doesn’t take long for the rising coach to realize that it would be really nice to have someone to bounce ideas around with and get peer feedback.  Yes.  It can be very lonely trying to set up a coaching practice all alone.  One client said she felt, “adult lonely”!  That why ProCoach Academy has a community feature so coaches can network with each other, team up for launches, participate in our ‘Biz Buddy’ program for rock star accountability and achievement!

  • Mindset is Key to Getting Clients and Business Success!  
  • Learn How to Let Go of Worries, Focus & Feel Your Power
  • Lighten up and Have More Fun!

Fun is a core value upon which ProCoach Business Academy is built.  The idea here is to have a boat load of fun DURING all stages of business development.  Why? Because having fun warp speeds success.  Fun accelerates productivity and achievement.  Fun relieves anxiety.  Plus it’s a heck of a lot better than trying to agonizing oneself to success.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

My mission is to provide rising coaches with a business coach who is passionate about their success.  A coaches coach who has industry experience and training to skyrocket their success.  Plus provide a supportive community so that they have fun at all stages of business development and enjoy a rewarding business with lots of ideal clients in a business they truly love!

SIDEBAR:  Beware of “Get Clients Now” promotions!  Sellers are promoting marketing strategies.  Again, when a coach is spiritually aligned with her niche and her target market the Universe unfolds to her ideas and avenues to quickly serve her beloved tribe.